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Experience imaginative, concierge level planned giving services. We simplify the design and creation of your generous and complex Charitable Trusts and Donor Advised Funds. We are biased to “yes.”

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The “Can Do” community foundation.

Notice the difference between asking, “Can I do what I want to do?” and “How can I do what I want to do?” We show you how you can give to the charities you want to support through our charitable Pooled Income Funds and Donor Advised Funds. ACF is a pass-through community foundation assisting advisors and their clients, who wish to create planned giving agreements for the benefit of national and international charitable organizations who cannot accept these gift agreements directly.

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ACF is a Delaware Charitable Trust. How does this benefit you?

ACF is designed to maximize your charitable contributions. For example, ACF can reduce taxes on certain types of gifts, that generate unrelated business taxable income, by 50%. The result? Gifts to your charitable organizations are amplified.

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